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Fishing for a Friend

Silly Day Counts

Fishing for Fun UNDRDC

with Mary Ward Constantino

The uncertainty of the first day of school can be daunting for kids. They wonder what their classmates will be like, who will they eat lunch with, and how will they get through the day.

Cecil is a clown soapfish that is going to the top silly school on the reef. He has preconceptions of what the other fish will be like. These misconceptions are sillier that his brother can take.

Will Cecil get the last laugh? Now, who’s the silly one?

Sally Shark and other unique looking fish get kids “hooked” on counting at a Silly Day Party. These fish sing, laugh, glow, and even boogie on the sand.

Silly Day Counts is about actual silly looking fish that live on a coral reef.

Sally shows kids that being “different” can not only be normal, but fun! From one odd-looking octopus all the way up to ten tiny trunkfish, each guest must be sillier than all the rest and the focus is on the fun.

Guppy wants to be bigger and do all of the things a big fish can do.

Then, POOF!

His Fairy Basslet, a real fish found on coral reefs, appears to grant his wish. Will he turn into another fish, or will he be happy being a guppy in the sea?

Little kids want to be bigger, but who knew that fish experience growing pains too!

I am not a guppy

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